Wrench (レンチ) was a robot who awaited a peaceful death at the hands of the Ruin alongside her lover, Root. She was also the original owner of Friender.

Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Purple
Behind the Scenes
Debut A World Replete with Death Throes
Voiced By: Cherami Leigh
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Physical Appearance

Wrench appeared as if she was an adolescent female with solid purple eyes and long red hair reaching to her neck. She was well effected by the ruin to wear her by had several mishappen pieces and awkwardly placed parts. She wore a large yellow coat, a torn purple undershirt and brown shoes.


Wrench was a depressed but kind hearted female robot who accepted both the ideals of human love and robotic death to the ruin. Wrench was well aware of her impending death but was content aslong as she could die alongside her love, Root. Wrench was devistated when Root decided to try and postpone their lives by killing Casshern, as if Wrench's long time wish was to die alongside Root no matter what.[1]

Casshern Sins

Wrench Dies

Wrench dies of the Ruin, after loosing everything she ever hoped for

Sometime after the Ruin began, Wrench fell in love with a fellow robot named Root. The two had the ideals of one day becoming human by succuming to the ruin but by dieing with love in their "hearts". They are spotted by a group of Bandits who detest their ideals of "pretending" to be human and are nearly killed until Wrench's canine, Friender and a mysterious stranger save them from sure death. Her and Root take the stranger back to their community and express their ideals of simply embracing their Ruin, and also asks him if he would take care of Friender, another being who had not begun to Ruin.[1]

A rouge bandit shows up at the community and demands to devour a robot known as Casshern, the one who had begun the ruin, it is then revealed that the stranger is the one and only immortal Casshern. In an attempt to escape death, Root and the other robots rally to devour Casshern to gain eternal life as the rumors had said, Wrench does not take part but is devistated. As the last remaining member of the community, Wrench curses Casshern for causing the early ruin of all her friends and then dies of it herself.[1]


Casshern Sins


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