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I may not have the power to end the Ruin, but through my painting I can leave a legacy behind for history to Judge......So young man who fears death, lets find out what it really means to live


Turn the Time Lived to Color
Turn the Time Lived to Color
Kanji ターン時の色に住んでいた
Romaji Ikita Toki o Iro ni shite
Episode Number 12
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Turn the Time Lived to Color (ターン時の色に住んでいた, Ikita Toki o Iro ni shite) is the twelth episode of Casshern Sins. It originally aired on December 17th, 2008 and the Funimation dubbed version on August 12th, 2012.


Before the world began to die, there was a city that repaints its history, its history was decided by the ruler so when they changed the history changed aswell. There are few who remain there but before the Ruin, the goddess of healing, Luna once ruled as the queen. Casshern learned of this and traveled to this lost city in search for a lead to Luna, only to find lost souls in Robots who are idoly waiting for death or those who are also searching for Luna. But Casshern is able to find one person who is trying to do neither instead, a boy named Margo, an artist who is enfatuated with Casshern. Margo no longer worries about his future but instead wishes to leave his own mark in history by painting the city his own color.
Casshern meets Margo

There are still people on the dying planet who believe their is beauty to be found anywhere and everywhere

Margo wishes for Casshern to tag along with him so he can show him all the beauties left in the city that are expressed through art. Margo believes that the key to life is by living in the now and not fretting about what the future may hold. To prove that he can leave a mark on history through art, Margo shows Casshern the many emperors who have ruled the city through the color that they painted the city, including Lord Braiking Boss and after his rule, the city was left without an emperor. Afterwards Margo excuses himself to return to painting the city, leaving Casshern to bask in the beauty of Art.

Margo death

Even the beauty of art can be expressed through death, aslong as you've lived life to its last

Casshern continues to watch Margo repaint what he calls "the road to the sun" having finnaly completed his dream of repainting history. Casshern is inspired by Margo's convictions and his belief in Luna becomes stronger., swearing to find Luna and end the Ruin. Casshern leaves Margo after their conversation, allowing Margo to appreciate his art until he is interrupted by Robots who envy his optimism and go as far as to attacking him until Casshern arrives to stop the violence. Casshern apoligizes for the actions of those Robots, but Margo assures him that it is fine and that history will always be painted over, so he can just paint it again. Although, Margo unsuspectedly shows increased signs of decay and desides to remain in his art and embrace his death with his final wish to Casshern, asking him to remember Margo for who he was allowing him to leave his own color for history to judge.


  • "Casshern..insects that fly at night are drawn towards the moon, but the moon does not smile and the insects fall to the ground and the world continues to grow every more quiet..." - Ohji

English Cast (In Order of Appearance)

English Cast and Characters
# Voice Actor Character
1 Trina Nishimura Luna
2 N/A Dune
3 Eric Vale Casshern
4 Jerry Russell Ohji
5 Monica Rial Ringo
6 N/A Friender
7 Greg Ayres Margo