Toro (トロ) is a human boy who is a part of Jin's group in search for Luna.

Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Behind the Scenes
Debut By One's Calling
Voiced By: Maxey Whitehead
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Physical Appearance

Toro is a small boy with long blonde hair and brown eyes. He wears large brown coat that covers most of his body over a snow white turtle neck and brown shoes.


Toro is an optomistic boy who believes that everybody can live with the hope that one day they can find Luna, he is always assuring Gido that he will live and Toro will be right by his side.[1]

Casshern Sins

Toro is a human boy who is apart of a group led by the famous Jin, a man who believes in equality between robots and humans. During a rest stop, Toro notices a mechanical canine who they greet and allow in to their group with help from Jin. When a man named Gido, goes missing from their group and bandits attack, Toro hides behind Jin and his two right hand men Tetsu and Dai.[1]

After the Bandits pass, Toro and the others are led by the canine to find his owner, who is reveled to be non other then Casshern. Gido then returns with a group of bandits, much to Toro's suprize when Gido and the bandits fail to subdue Casshern. Aftwards the group tries to pressure Jin into devouring Casshern but he refuses, Toro takes no part in this as he believes that Luna can save everyone and Gido. The group moves on to find Luna, saying goodbye to Casshern and the robotic canine, Friender.[1]


Casshern Sins

11. By One's Calling


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