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I have answered the calls of those who have come here, and I have granted every one of their wishes.


The Paradise of Lost Hope
The Paradise of Lost Hope
Kanji 失望の楽園
Romaji Shitsubō no Rakuen
Episode Number 21
Previous Episode For Whom Do the Flowers Bloom
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The Paradise of Lost Hope (失望の楽園, Shitsubō no Rakuen) is the twenty first episode of Casshern Sins. It originally aired on Februrary 23rd 2009 and the Funimation dubbed version on October 14th 2012.


The Sun is not what all think it to be, the salvation given to those who ask for it is not richeous or impartial. Luna the Sun beleives that death should be erased from the earth and those who believe that it exists should be aloud to Ruin. Death himself doesn't even agree with Luna's thinking and even those who travled with him to find Salvation, refuse The Sun's twistedness. Even so, thousands search for Luna, including two robotic prodigies and their empire of bandits. Leda and Dio search for Casshern in Luna to answer their desires.
Leaving Luna

The Salvation offered by the Sun is one that upsets the tender balance of a world set in Ruin

Casshern and his group leave the false paradise until Ringo's condition worsens to where they must travel into a place where those who have been freed from the Ruin go. Even though Casshern and his group despise the Ruin and wish to continue on living, they also despise this place, aswell as the way Luna uses her healing. Even so, they question their resolve to pass on, like Dune has shown. But without that resolve, those who desire to live may not be able to stay the same way they were after being "healed". Just before the group returns to meet Luna, Ohji returns from his study to tell Casshern and Lyuze about Luna's past.

In the past The Sun granted salvation to those with eternal life, by destroying them with her healing. Humans and Robots used to find protection under her healing by freeing them of their never ending lifespan, the original Luna believed that true life could only be experienced through death. The New Sun and the Luna of Old are truely different beings, or the same with different meanings. Although Luna can grant life, Casshern tells Ohji that Luna's healing is wrong and unnatural. Survival may no longer seem nesscerry but Casshern is once again pushed to the edge when Dio's army surpirsingly arrives to find Luna.
Casshern Defeated 2

One can only begin to imagine the pain of someone who cannot die in a world of nothing but death

Casshern learns for the first time that he should not talk for everyone, is the only one with the luxory of immortality. In order to show that he can compare he allows himself to be brutally beaten by the army, and even captured by Dio.


"Luna does stop the Ruin, but like the Sun never's wrong...unnatural!" - Casshern