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I bring calamity to the world, and for that I don't deserve to live


The Man who Killed the Sun Named Moon
The Man who Killed the Sun Named Moon
Kanji 月という名の太陽を殺した男
Romaji Tsuki toiu Na no Taiyō o Koroshita Otoko
Episode Number 5
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The Man who Killed the Sun Named Moon (月という名の太陽を殺した男, Tsuki toiu Na no Taiyō o Koroshita Otoko) is the fifth episode of Casshern Sins. It originally aired on October 29th, 2008 and the Funimation dubbed version on June 24th, 2012.


Casshern Invulnerability

A man who killed the world is destined to live with his pain...immortally

Casshern walks the planet alongisde Friender, even after finding a friendship and passion he still doesn't understand and all that he can understand, is suffering. Brought to the brink of tears Cashern wallows in his depression until he is once again confronted with the humanoid robot from before, Lyuze. She feels no sympathy for Casshern and once again blames him for destroying the world, this time sharing the fact that Casshern injured Lyuze's sister then killed Luna. Lyuze's sister was then the first one to succum to the Ruin, feeling guilty and without hope, Casshern looks to atone by allowing Lyuze to take his life. Lyuze is almost unable to do so, she tries but Casshern goes into a rage and easily defeats her, nearly taking her life Casshern returns to a calm state and realizes suicide is pointless, just like everything else in the world.

Cassherns lack of Control

It seems all that can come from a dying world, is more death

Nearby there are a convoy of Robots led by Ohji and Ringo who end up at a place with many new parts for them. Bandits catch wind of their efforts and attack the camp in order to steal the parts. The robots kill almost everyone in the camp and hope to enslave Ohji as their repair man by taking Ringo as their bribing token. They threaten to ruin her but she is saved the bringer of Ruin himself, Casshern. After the Bandits kill another hostage, Casshern looses it and goes into a rage which leads him to slaughter nearly everyone in his path until he is forced to come to his senses by Ohji and Ringo, who are the only ones left. Shocked by his actions, Casshern relizes that he does not possess the will power to stop, when he fights he cannot stop till everything around him is destroyed. In the mist of all the chaos, a man appears, a man who looks almost identical to Casshern.

English Cast (In Order of Appearance)

English Cast and Characters
# Voice Actor Character
1 Trina Nishimura Luna
2 Eric Vale Casshern
3 N/A Friender
4 Jerry Russell Ohji
5 Monica Rial Ringo
6 Brina Palencia Lyuze
7 Colleen Clinkenbeard Liza
8 Jerry Jewell Dio