To the Ends of Agony Casshern Sins The Man who Killed the Sun Named Moon
That Day I learned of one life that continued onward in this ever ruining world.

— Casshern

The Angel of Ruin
The Angel of Ruin
Kanji 滅びの天使
Romaji Horobi no Tenshi
Episode Number 4
Previous Episode To the Ends of Agony
Next Episode The Man who Killed the Sun Named Moon

The Angel of Ruin (滅びの天使, Horobi no Tenshi) is the fourth episode of Casshern Sins. It originally aired on October 29th, 2008 and the Funimation dubbed version on June 17th, 2012.


In a world full of pain, desperation and death, there is a woman who finds happiness in the destruction of the planet. Sophita, a lover of death and conflict, she adores fighting and plans to live out her days through battle. Robots run at the sound of her name, in a much different time and place she would have become a famous warrior but she is only known as the feared marauder, the Angel of Ruin. During her travels in search of a fight, Sophita runs into the bringer of Ruin himself, surpirised by his perfect condition she wishes to fight him, only to be ignored.

Casshern refuses

For a man with no regressions, no convictions and no memory, violence serves no purpouse

She pursues Casshern in hopes of a fight but is interrupted by Bandits who hope to capture parts from Casshern and Sophita's bodies, Sophita tells Casshern to keep moving while she easily dispatches the Bandits with little help from Casshern. Infatuated with Casshern's abilities, Sophita trails Casshern while he travels alone hoping to avoid the planets inescapable violence. Casshern warns her once again that he is completley against violence, going as far as to admit he'd give up his body just to avoid conflict. Sophita is devistated by Casshern's words because he is unable to understand her feelings and she unable to understand his.

Sophita Lova

In a world where everything dies, ones feelings are all they have

Sophita returns to her normal battle grounds and confronts a robotic friend of hers who formally guarded the infamous Braiking Boss. The two battle as Sophita underestimates her opponent and may have been killed if not had Casshern shown up to save her. Casshern warns him that violence will not be tolerated in Casshern's eyes, the robot decides to avoid battling Casshern and moves on. Casshern and Sophita share a conversation involving her love for violence, Sophita admits that she fights to rush towards Ruin though she only wants to be doing what she loves when she does die. While Casshern is resting she proclaims her love for him by attacking him, forcing him to battle her, the only way she knows how to share her feelings. Casshern easily bests Sophita in combat yet she persists in trying to kill Casshern, even stabbing him with her long blade. Casshern remains calm and does not go into his normal rage, discouraging Sophita allowing the violence to cease between them. In the mist of Casshern's injury, Sophita learns that she felt no love in battling Casshern and instead admits her feelings through a passionate coversation, no longer wishing to fight.


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