Spring (はる, Haru) is a Robot who lives near the tall tower, he spends his days playing Poker with Bolt and other Robots that used to work together before the Ruin.

Romanji Haru
Kanji はる
Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Behind the Scenes
Debut The Woman of the Tall Tower
Voiced By: Wendy Powell
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Physical AppearanceEdit

Spring is a small Robot that has been heavily decayed by the Ruin, shown by his many cracks and scuffs. He has a single red eye and gray and black design.


Little is known about Springs demeanor, it can be inferred that he too has been driven to insanity by his actions towards Casshern for not playing poker, rallying behind Bolt for a fight. [1]

Casshern SinsEdit

Before the Ruin Spring, Bolt, Lizbell and several other robots worked in a large parts factory. But after the Ruin began, Spring was driven into a long depression with his cardmates, who spend their days addicted to playing poker. While playing they are constantly harassed by Lizbell, who they fear as the witch, one day standing in their way of getting a new recruit to play (Casshern).[1]


Casshern Sins Edit

12. The Woman of the Tall Tower


Though his name was never stated in either dubs of the anime, Anime News Network and several other sites confirm his name is in fact "Spring" [2]


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