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You were created to annihilate all life yet you can save them if you sacrifice your own


Reunited with Fate
Reunited with Fate
Kanji 運命との再会
Romaji Unmei to no Saikai
Episode Number 6
Previous Episode The Man who Killed the Sun Named Moon
Next Episode The Woman of the Tall Tower

Reunited with Fate (運命との再会, Unmei to no Saikai) is the sixth episode of Casshern Sins. It originally aired on October 1st, 2008 and the Funimation dubbed version on June 31st, 2012.


Casshern stands alongside Ringo and Ohji in awe of a man who looks nearly identical to Casshern himself, a man named Dio. Dio claims that Casshern is one who cannot contain himself in battle and cannot feel peace until he has destroyed everything, because its just what he is, someone completley different from Robots and Humans. Dio explains how he is built from the same genetic frame as Casshern which is how he knows everything about him and ends their conversation with a threat to his life before they are interrupted by marauding Bandits looking to devour Casshern. Dio refuses to allow them near Casshern and he easily dispatches them, fighting identically to Casshern. Dio explains how he and Casshern also have the same strength, though Dio understands how to control his power and thats how he plans to defeat Casshern in order to find whats inside him that keeps him from being ruined.

Dio and Casshern

If a man has a troubled past, despite any recollection of it, there will always be someone who else who remembers for him

Because Dio is backed by the basic morals of saving the robotic race by killing Casshern, Casshern is completley for sacrificing himself and asks Dio to do it. Insisting, Dio brutally attacks Casshern and even with the help of Friender, Casshern is unwilling and simply unable to defend himself. When Casshern begs for Dio to end the battle, Dio insists on delivering the final blow to save the planet, only to be halted by Casshern's uncontrolable rage. Forbiding him from dying, Casshern's will gives into his rage and he battles Dio on equal terms of strength. Even with his immense power of rage, Casshern is still bested by Dio who literraly beats him to his normal senses.

Casshern defeated

Is punishment for someone who's murdered everything, death or something far

Unwilling to allow Casshern to die, Lyuze strikes Dio to save Casshern from death, forcing Dio to retreat alonhside a strange woman. Even given the opportunity to kill him, Lyuze refuses and demands a fair fight for the event when she kills Casshern, she forbids him from dieing and leaves while Casshern passes out from his wounds. Awakened from his induced slumber, Casshern finds himself frustrated with the fact he is unable to save the world by just dying. Ohji takes Ringo and leaves, but not before assuring Casshern that he may be immortal because he murdered Luna, who was also immortal.

English Cast (In Order of Appearance)

English Cast and Characters
# Voice Actor Character
1 Trina Nishimura Luna
2 Eric Vale Casshern
3 Jerry Jewell Dio
4 N/A Friender
5 Jerry Russell Ohji
6 Monica Rial Ringo
7 Brina Palencia Lyuze
8 Shelley Calene-Black Leda

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