Plug (プラグ) was a Robot who played poker with Bolt, Spring and Screw until he cheated and was killed for it.

Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Male
Eye color Purple
Behind the Scenes
Debut The Woman of the Tall Tower
Voiced By: Justin Cook
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Physical AppearanceEdit

Plug was a small robot (although taller then his fellow card players) who was visabily effected by the Ruin, shown by several scratches and cracks. He was red in color with light purple eyes, purple centerpiece and long dog-like ears.


Plug came off as a Robot who was obsessed with poker much like his fellow card players. He went as far as to cheat in order to win, which cost him his life. [1]

Casshern SinsEdit

Before the Ruin Plug, Spring, Bolt, Screw, Lizbell and several other robots worked in a large parts factory. But after the Ruin began, Plug depression along with spring, bolt and screw who spen their days addicted to playing poker. In order to win, Plug hid cards within his neck in an attempt to fool his fellow cardmates but was discovered and killed for cheating.[1]


Casshern SinsEdit

7. The Woman of the Tall Tower


  • Though his name was never stated in either dubs of the anime, Anime News Network and several other sites confirm his name is infact "Plug" [2]


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