Casshern vs Dio

Despite its twistedness, Dio had a passion to prove his worth like no other being of that time

Morality was once the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are good or bad, and right or wrong. Basic Morality was lost along with the Ruin, since most of the living population was either silently depressed, driven to insanity or filled with the lust for death. But there are those who remain that believe in some sort of belief in past morals, which Casshern encounters on his journey.

Aspects of MoralityEdit

After the Ruin, much of the worlds morals and intentions were lost due to the constant death and decay. But those who resisted depression and insanity remain with atleast one aspect of Morality, which Casshern encounters on his journey.

Aspects of Morality
Aspect Character
Life Luna
Compassion Wrench
Loyalty Friender & Dune
Forgiveness Akoz & Friender
Love Sophita & Dune
Passion Dio & Dune
Beauty Lizbell & Ringo
Hope Janice
Innocence Ringo & Niko
Justice Jin
Partenership Dai & Tetsu