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A Drop Called EternityA Hymn of HopeA World Replete with Death Throes
AkozAlexis TiptonAt the End of the World
Believe in the Flower that Lives in Your HeartBill FlynnBolt
BoltonBraiking BossBrett Weaver
Brina PalenciaBruce ElliottBryan Massey
By One's CallingCaitlin GlassCarrie Savage
Casshan: Robot HunterCasshan WikiCasshern
Casshern (film)Casshern SinsCastor
Chanting ChildCherami LeighChris Patton
Chris RagerChris SabatClarine Harp
Colleen ClinkenbeardDaiDio
DoctorDrewDuncan Brannan
DuneEric ValeFUNimation Entertainment
FUNimation Entertainment/DVDFUNimation Entertainment/Licensed AnimeFUNimation Entertainment/Voice Actors
FlowersFor Whom Do the Flowers BloomFor the Strength to Believe
Green OgreGreg AyresHelene
HumanIan SinclairIllich Guardiola
J Paul SlavensJaniceJason Douglas
Jason GrundyJerry JewellJerry Russell
JinJin's ConvoyJohn Swasey
Justin CookKent WilliamsKyle Phillips
Leah ClarkLedaLiza
LizbellLocksmithLuci Christian
MargoMarsMaxey Whitehead
Monica RialMoralityNeo-Human Casshern
NikoNitaNobukage Kimura
OujiPlugReunited with Fate
RingoRobert MccollumRobot
Shelley Calene-BlackShigeyasu YamauchiSonny Strait
SophitaSpringStephanie Young
Tatsunoko FightTatsunoko vs. CapcomTerumi Nishii
TetsuThe Angel of RuinThe Flower that Blooms in the Valley of Ruin
The Glass CradleThe God of Death DuneThe Man Entrapped by the Past
The Man who Killed the Sun Named MoonThe Paradise of Lost HopeThe Past Rises Before My Eyes
The Time I've Lived and the Time I Have LeftThe Truth Illuminates the DarknessThe Woman of the Tall Tower
Those Who ReturnTia BallardTo the Ends of Agony
To the Wondering, Blooming FlowersToroTrina Nishimura
Turn the Time Lived to ColorVic MignognaVulcan
Wendy PowellWrenchYasuko Kobayashi
Yoshihiko Umakoshi

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