Hoti (ホート, Hooto) is one of of Luna's three siblings, the failed attempts at creating "The Sun". She and her siblings guarded Luna's nano cells until Ringo arrived; they deemed her worthy and gave them to her. With that they were finally able to "sleep".

Romanji Hooto
Kanji ホート
Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Purple
Behind the Scenes
Debut The Glass Cradle
Voiced By: Tia Ballard
Image Gallery

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hoti has the appearance of a young robotic female with blond hair and dim purple eyes. She does not seem to be effected by the ruin but she has a short line racing down from her left eye which turns to the right across her ceek. She wears gray and maroon red clothing.


Hoti was a kind Robot who believed that the world belonged to everyone but still had a firm belief in protecting Luna's secrets, just like her siblings. She was very kind towards Casshern, Ringo, Ohji and Lyuze although they were strangers, and even entrusted them with Luna's secret.[1]

Casshern SinsEdit

Hoti was built by Luna's creator as a project to mimic Luna's abilities. Hoti, along with Hoto and Holter, were failed subjects, leaving Luna as the only Sun. When she was murdered by Casshern, the Ruin began and the creator died leaving the three to guard Luna's secrets.[1]

A mysterious group of travelers arrived on day during one of Hoti's strolls with her sibilings. They met with them and talked about their past with Luna, reffering to her as their sister and their mother. They left after Holtor began to weap due to his frail body. On their return home they were confronted by someone who reminded them of Luna, Leda. But too soon they realized her evil obessession with finding Luna, and they were saved by the travlers before she could get any information about Luna. After Leda was forced to leave, Holtor chose Ringo as the chosen traveler and Hoti and Hoto went to sleep, in order to unlock Luna's Secrets within Holtor.[1]


Casshern Sins Edit

17. The Glass Cradle


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