The Gravekeeper (墓守, Hakamori) is an unnamed Robot who has taken up the position of burying the robots who have fallen to the Ruin. He has worked closely with Braiking Boss after replacing his first Gravekeeper, he believes that one should not give into the Ruin, rather they should prioritize before death.

Romanji Hakamori
Kanji 墓守
Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Male
Eye color Gold
Behind the Scenes
Debut For Whom Do the Flowers Bloom
Voiced By: Bill Flynn
Image Gallery

Physical Appearance

The Gravekeeper is a tall slim Robot who has been deeply effected by the Ruin. Although he wears a large tattered robe over his body, whats revealed can easily be described as heavily decayed and rusted by the Ruin, including the entire right side of his head. He seems to be a sturdy robot despite the decay but also seems to be missing his left arm.


The Gravekeeper is a soft spoken, dedicated individual who has expressed the need for the respect of the dead. He took up the job of Gravekeeper of his own free will and has also stated that he did it even though it has effected his health. He also believes that giving into the Ruin is wrong and that everyone should do what they feel is nesscessary before death.[1]

Casshern Sins

Sometime after the start of the Ruin, the original Gravekeeper under Braiking Boss fled due to the constant labor of the title. So the unnamed robot took up the title and became the new Gravekeeper, burying the newly fallen Robots of the Ruin. During Luna's return, those who were denied healing were burried by him.[2]Soon after he joined with Braiking Boss' army and buried those who fell to the ruin there, where he expressed his beliefs, where everyone should prioritize before death. [1]


Casshern Sins


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