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Drew (描いた, Doru) was a Robot who lived amongst a community of Robots who accepted death, he died peacefully among the first to die there.

Romanji Doru
Kanji 描いた
Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Behind the Scenes
Debut A World Replete with Death Throes
Voiced By: Bruce Elliott
Image Gallery

Physical AppearanceEdit

Drew is a tall, aged robot with a heavily decayed body covered mostly by his tattered clothing. He has a mask over his eyes and long gray hair.


Drew was a kind and comedic robot who seemed to care for others. He entertained his group with tricks such as juggling. [1]And he is shown to be caring, he nitted a sweater for Nita even after sticking his fragile body.[1]

Casshern SinsEdit

Drew was a member of a community of Robots who accepted the ideals of dieing peacefully to the Ruin. Drew was an entertainer and a man who helped others. He nitted a sweater for Nita and did some juggling until he peacefully embraced his decay which caused him to collapse and die. [1]


Casshern SinsEdit

2. A World Replete with Death Throes


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