Castor (キャスター, Kyasutaa) was a marauding robotic warrior who traveled with Helene to attack others in order to prove their self worth.

Romanji Kyasutaa
Kanji キャスター
Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Male
Eye color White
Behind the Scenes
Debut Believe in the Flower that Lives in Your Heart
Voiced By: Jason Grundy
Image Gallery

Physical Appearance

Castor was a large, heavily decayed Robot with shotty remaining construction of his body. He had many visable rust and scar spots where he had been either injured or simply decayed by the Ruin. His shell is white in color and his most notable feature is his large sword blade in the place of his entire left arm.


Little is known about Castor's personality, although it can be inferred by his actions that he too, like Helene longs to prove his self worth through defeating his enemies. [1]

Casshern Sins

Castor's life before the Ruin is completley unknown, but sometime after he joined with Helene he began to roam the planet, looking for prey to destroy. The Ruin brought them both to a form of insanity where they looked for people to slay, in order to prove to themselves and the world that they deserved to be the strong that trampled over the weak. During their conquest, they encounter two warriors (Casshern & Lyuze) who they attack, ignorantly charging in without knowing their opponents. Castor paid for this with his life, Death himself had taken another life from this world, sending Castor into Ruin. [1]

Powers and Abilities

Expert Combatant: Castor survived the ruin by slaying an unknown but possibly limitless amount of Robots and Humans. Using his size, Castor was able to momentarilly overpower Casshern. [1]


Casshern Sins

19. Believe in the Flower that Lives in Your Heart


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