Manual of Style

This is the Official Guide to meeting the article standards of the wiki. Unless otherwise stated, the rules must be followed without exception. If an Article does not meet these standards, it should be improved through expansion.


  • The first word of the article's title should be the article name, within the text should be in bold. Following this their should be a small introductory paragraph providing a short summary of the article.
  • Words that are themselves titles of additional articles should be linked only on their first occurrence in each article section.
There are also rules following the type of article which are to be followed in order to meet standards.


  • Article names should be written in sentence case, except for episode titles and proper names, which should be written in title case.
  • Article names should be singular, even if they are a large characterized group e.g. "Robot " not "Robots".
  • Unnamed Articles such as specific characters, species or events are allowed to be named based on the communities judgement e.g. Doctor & "Humanoids". Although during the writing of the article, the subject should be called the unnamed (ex: Character)

Spelling and Grammar

Formal Use of Language is mandatory on all any article. Articles on Casshan/Casshern Sins Wiki aim to be as encyclopedic as possible, this isn't possible without correct use of language and Grammer. For example, "Casshern's awesome fighting skills" is not appropriate, because this is an opinion rather then a fact, also it is simply unappropriate. "Casshern is considered the most powerful fighter on the planet" is appropriate.

Spelling and Capitalization: All words are mandated to be correctly spelled on each any every article without exception. All heading or introducive words such as (in this case) "Spelling and Capitalization" are required to be capitalized, and unless they have words such as the "and" & "of", following words are also to be capitalized e.g. "Formal Use of Language" would be correct, "Formal use of language" would not. All words used in Headings 2-4 are also all required to be capitalized.

Tense: For real world articles, whatever tense guidelines apply on Wikipedia will apply here. However, there are some policies that must be noted for in-universe articles.

  • Past Tense: Past Tense must be used on in-universe article detailing past events, including the life of deceased characters. For example, "Akoz follows Casshern across the planet" is incorrect on someone who is deceased. It should be "Akoz followed Casshern across the planet".
  • Present Tense: Present Tense must be used on any character, episode or terms article, where this does not conflict with the above guideline on sections of articles detailing past events.

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