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By One's Calling
By One's Calling
Kanji 己の使命のもとに
Romaji Onore no Shimei no Moto ni
Episode Number 11
Previous Episode The Man Entrapped by the Past
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By One's Calling (己の使命のもとに, Onore no Shimei no Moto ni) is the eleventh episode of Casshern Sins. It originally aired on December 10th, 2008 and the Funimation dubbed version on August 5th, 2012.


Once again, peace alludes Casshern's journey to find Luna, he is once again confronted with Bandits who insist on using violence rather then reason. During his battle, Casshern accidently ends up trapped under a large prism like construction due to the crossfire of his battle destroying the constructions balance beams. Friender is left to look for help to free his master and nearby there are a conboy of both robots and humans lead by the famous Jin. During one of the groups rests, Friender is found and welcomed by Jin and his people because like Jin, Friender does not experience Ruin. Jin talks with Friender as his new friend and tells him that he and his group are looking for Luna to heal them.
Jin and Friender

Two beings that cannot relate to their species, yet follow their convictions to the nail and can relate to eachother

Bandits run across the groups camp and gain wind of the humans in their group, Jin along with his main men Dai and Tetsu confront them along with Friender. They recognize Jin as a famous man who faught on the side of humanity rather then alongisde Braiking Boss. The Bandits decide to back down rather then fight with Jin, they also mentioned that they noticed Friender with Casshern before they left. Friender leads Jin and his men to the prism where Casshern is trapped, Dai and Tetsu successfully free him by using explosives. A man named Gido who had previously given up and left the group, returns with Bandits in hopes of devouring Casshern in order to save himself from the Ruin.

Casshern enters his battle rage and easily destroys all of the bandits, moving on to his next targerts, Casshern attacks Jin only to be fended off as Jin does not wish to battle him. Casshern is eventually stopped by Friender and is surrounded by Jin's group who beg for Jin to devour Casshern to save their lives. Jin refuses to take Casshern's life due to his strict morals of doing what is just, Jin also expresses his beliefs in a world where Humans and Robots can live side by side, a world on Luna can create.

Casshern vs Jin

The Man of Destruction meets the Hero of Humanity under circumstances they hate most...conflict

Everyone decides to follow Jin's impressive leadership, Dai and Tetsu even go as far as inferring that it may be convictions that keep the Ruin away from Jin and Friender. Jin nearly invites Casshern to join him, but does not due to his fear of killing him one day which would ruin his friendship with Friender. Jin bids his goodbye to the two and moves on to find Luna. Casshern and Friender watch as a man with something to believe in moves on to his destination, a true hero of their dying planet.

English Cast (In Order of Appearance)

English Cast and Characters
# Voice Actor Character
1 Eric Vale Casshern
3 N/A Friender
4 Illich Guardiola Jin
5 Robert Mccollum Dai
6 Brett Weaver Tetsu
7 John Swasey Gido
8 Maxey Whitehead Toro