The Time I've Lived and the Time I Have Left Casshern Sins For Whom Do the Flowers Bloom
We may not be able to reverse the damage that's been done..but we can find a way for you to live


Believe in the Flower that Lives in Your Heart
Believe in the Flower that Lives in Your Heart
Kanji 心に棲む花を信じて
Romaji Kokoro ni Sumu Hana o Shinji te
Episode Number 19
Previous Episode The Time I've Lived and the Time I Have Left
Next Episode For Whom Do the Flowers Bloom

Believe in the Flower that Lives in Your Heart (心に棲む花を信じて, Kokoro ni Sumu Hana o Shinji te) is the nineteenth episode of Casshern Sins. It originally aired on February 9th, 2009 and the Funimation dubbed version September 30th, 2012.


The World continues to die ever so slowly, but a cure for the plauge known as the Ruin can be cured, at least thats what Casshern and his group believe. Casshern has developed a deep care for both Ringo and Lyuze, people his actions have effected but then everyone in the world has been effected by Casshern and its only a matter of time before another shows itself. Helene and Castor, maruading warriors attack, showcasing their superior abilities, Helene proves that Casshern's protective attitude towards Lyuze is the only thing that has gotten her this far. But Lyuze is more then capable of proving herself as well as Casshern, able to best and force the two to flee.

Lyuze Ruin

Even in a place that symbolizes life, the Ruin is an inescapable reality

They continue, protecting each other and Ringo, walking along to find a way to protect everyone from the Ruin. They stumble across a plain of flowers, that make it seem as if the Ruin never existed and this is simply how the world should be, continuing their solem vow to stop the Ruin. But even in a place as beautiful as that, the thoughts of recurring death can never escape the mind. Even someone as strong willed as Lyuze can be near twisted by the haunting thought of death, hurrying to move along when they clearly need rest. This never an has never effected Casshern, he is perfection, immortally and eternally beautiful but without Luna, not even he can protect those he cares about. Lyuze has proven herself time and time again but no matter what, the Ruin will keep coming an she is beggining to loose hope.

The threat of Ruin is the eternal suffering of the world the eternal suffering of all but Casshern, nothing he can protect from. But Casshern too shares this suffering, the eternal suffering of watching the world die, with absolutley no way out. So all there is to do, is live on and find Luna, the salvation for everything and use whatever life you have and live it, no matter the cost or situation.

English Cast (In Order of Appearance)

English Cast and Characters
# Voice Actor Character
1 Monica Rial Ringo
2 Brina Palencia Lyuze
3 Eric Vale Casshern
4 Clarine Harp Helene
5 Jason Grundy Castor

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