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The man of destruction is with the woman who brings relief to the worlds a shield and a spear


A Hymn of Hope
A Hymn of Hope
Kanji 希望の賛歌
Romaji Kibō no Sanka
Episode Number 8
Previous Episode The Woman of the Tall Tower
Next Episode The Flower that Blooms in the Valley of Ruin

A Hymn of Hope (希望の賛歌 , Kibō no Sanka) is the eighth episode of Casshern Sins . It originally aired on November 12th, 2008 and the Funimation dubbed version on July 14th, 2012.


Casshern and Janice

The shield and the spear

A beautiful woman is on the run from bandits seeking to end hope, even being heavily guarded she is compromised and nearly killed, but this Hope is saved by someone who's killed almost last trace of belief; Casshern. This woman is Janice, a human with incredible singing ability, she tells Casshern that she was born to sing and thats why she does, even going as far as going to compare Casshern to being born to kill. She ends her "teasing" by thanking Casshern for saving her and continuing on her way. On their way, Janice tells Casshern that this has been her journey of a life time in order to spread hope the only way she knows how, with her voice. Casshern asks if he can accompany her on her journey, inspired by her life, her passion and her destiny.

Janice figures out the Casshern is frightened and afraid of his own ignorance, involving the Ruin. Janice assures his that its not his fault, atleast not anymore. After Casshern defends her from marauding Bandits, Janice figures out that Casshern is actually "the" Casshern and also that many others are heading to their destination, in search of hope. Janice is devistated by the news that follows, groups of Bandits are hunting for all these people as their victims, Janice asks that Casshern protects hope, Casshern agrees and the two continue to their destination.

Casshern protects

A strong warrior becomes even more powerful when they find something they wish to protect

They finnaly arrive at the destination, the Vosten Music Hall, Janice heard someone one sing before the Ruin and she wishes to sing there aswell. Many people, human and robot were waiting there for her and Casshern, before she has the chance to sing an army of Bandits arrive. Casshern moves to confront the army, in order to protect hope, as Janice sings. Many watch Janice's preformance as she spreads hope in their hearts with her song, though Lyuze watches over Casshern as he faces in army, finnaly finding something to fight for, something to protect. Casshern successfuly dispatches the entire army with minimal help from Lyuze, able to protect Janice and her people, he bids them farewell as he walks along his own path, his own passion and his own destiny.


In this world, nothing is without reason


English Cast (In Order of Appearance)

English Cast and Characters
# Voice Actor Character
1 Eric Vale Casshern
2 Trina Nishimura Luna
3 Caitlin Glass Janice
4 Jerry Russell Ohji
5 Monica Rial Ringo
6 Brina Palencia Lyuze

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